About Us

Peace of Mind is not just a phrase; it is a meditative state of being.

It represents growth, curiosity, and learning. That is why we created Peace of Mind Massage Therapy Centre in 2010; to help people step out of their stressful day-to- day lifestyles, and enter a place of relaxation and well-being.

We’ve received such amazing feedback on the environment we’ve created, we felt encouraged to expand that feeling into retreats to be held throughout the year.

Peace of Mind Retreats is an opportunity for anyone to gain new insights, new ideas, a refreshed way of thinking, and instill a new “Peace of Mind” that you didn’t know you were capable of. It is an opportunity to surround yourself with positive energy and learn from amazing like-minded individuals.

About Our Hosts

Arzeen Kassam

Arzeen Kassam is an Entrepreneur and Spiritual Healer focused on creating spaces that help individuals transform their mind, body and spirit. Arzeen’s goal is to inspire others to see their own light and support them in shining brightly.

In 2002, Arzeen created “Purple Potamus Preschool”; an inspiring space for children aged 2 – 5 where they experienced a loving journey of creativity and learning. In 2010, Arzeen and her husband and business partner Imy Kassam created Peace of Mind Massage Therapy Centre; a transformational healing space that allows clients to step out of their stressful environments and into a vortex of peace and tranquility.

In January 2017 Arzeen began the next chapter and venture appropriately named “Peace of Mind Retreats” which has been a long-time passion of hers; that is, to inspire all ages to connect with their higher self through meditation, yoga and energy work in awe-inspiring settings with powerful, holistic facilitators.

  • Selena Moon

    Selena Moon is a professional Psychosomatic Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Channel who specializes in bringing spiritual matters into practical applications.

  • Christina Skiftun

    For Christina yoga and meditation are the path of creation, healing and freedom. It is a all in for her, a way of life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.