Check out some testimonials from past events!

This retreat was not only a lesson of self awareness but rather a journey of love, compassion, and discovery. The lessons learned, spirituality, mentally and physically only broadened our views of our world and our responsibility to each other and mother earth.

The Heart of the Rockies was an eye opener. Opening up and finding our inner self was best part of this retreat! Selena Moon and her team did a fantastic job and I highly recommend trying this out.

Thank you for organizing the special spiritual retreat for us. I came with so much hope and came back home with more than I expected. I made many friends.

The Heart of the Rockies Retreat was the centre of excellence. As a first timer, I had no expectations. From the amazing people, to the intimate and personal session and the details that went into the planning. I left with an awaking that changed my soul. This was a professional development for the soul!

It was clear to me from the moment I decided to be a part of this retreat that it was created with divine intention and pure love. The hosts and the presenters were consciously chosen for optimal energy exchange and personal healing, awakening and manifestation. It was the most warming environment and welcoming group. I want to thank you from every cell in my soul for inviting me to be a part of and participate in such a magical weekend you planned with such love❤️……it truly was remarkable.

The heart of the Rockies was a spiritual awakening. You learn to connect with your deepest-self.  This inner journey allows your to truly understand your spiritual connection while leaving belief systems and energies that no longer serve you.  The retreat was beautiful and well organized.  Absolutely amazing experience and would highly recommend this retreat.

This retreat cannot be described in words. You must breathe it … touch it … hear it …see it … drink it … experience it. For once you do, you will never live life the way you once did.