Heart of the Rockies Retreat

2 days, February 25 & 26, 2017.

Create your blueprint for spiritual alignment and balance

The intention of this retreat is to bring awareness to the energetic shifts taking place on this earth that are influencing our daily lives, and our connection with source energy. Co-Host Selena Moon will be specifically channeling information relative to those who attend.

This 2-day retreat runs from Saturday, February 25 to Sunday, February 26, 2017.

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About Day 1 – Awaken to Your Soul

On this day we open our hearts and explore the depths of ourselves in a safe and supportive environment that will offer profound insights on who you are and what your life experience has been teaching you.

This is a professional development for the soul. You will experience profound connections and dive deep into your relationship with the divine.

About Day 2 – Create and Surrender Your Wishes

Coming into this day – you are granted entrance into a gateway that will offer a more meaningful reality. Your visions and intentions will become pronounced as your purpose demonstrates itself through your goals and wishes.

On this day we will be anchoring your desires into the physical plane, and surrendering them to the archangel Micheal portal (located in the heart of lake Louise) through a powerful group ceremony channeled by Selena Moon.

Watch Selena Moon at a past event

Curious about the atmosphere of our events and your host Selena Moon? Watch this video.

Guaranteed Breakthroughs

The real benefits of attending the retreat

  • A Stronger Relationship With Your Higher Self

    You will have created a stronger relationship with your higher self in order to make decisions with more clarity, and see the lessons behind all life's experiences with more ease.

  • Re-connect With Your Physical Body

    You will feel re-connected to your physical body in a way that will amplify your energy levels, bring a new sense of rejuvenation and long lasting physical health!

  • Make Peace With Your Past

    You will make peace with your past and use new found understandings of numerological patterns and spiritual phases to prepare yourself for the year of 2017.

  • Connect With Members Of Your Soul Family

    You will connect with members of your soul family whom you have shared past lives with. In this type of environment, there is unconditional love pouring through the hearts of each attendee - creating opportunities for lifetime bonds!

  • Learn Self-Love

    You will learn how to have a loving and intimate relationship with yourself - seeing the true value of your being - the magnificence you hold within you - and the importance of your soul's existence on this planet during this time of great change.

  • Connect With The Souls of Your Ancestors

    You will connect with the souls of your ancestors to bring about intensified healing across all the generations of karma you are carrying that is ready to be released.

  • Gain insight Into Your Soul Essence

    You will gain insight into your soul essence and understand the incredible importance of your emotional experiences that will create opportunities for you to manifest your desires with greater ease.

  • Greater Understanding

    You will find the bridge between your human self (ego) and your higher self (God) in order to understand what messages you are receiving from spirit and which ones are conditioned by life experiences as a human.

  • Increase Your Self Confidence

    Archangel Micheal will be strongly present increasing your sense of self confidence, and helping you in detaching from toxic bonds you have created with people, foods, drugs, and toxic behaviour patterns (such as smoking, not exercising, eating excessive amounts of sugar, comparing yourself to others, negative self-talk, hoarding, gossiping, lying, stealing, feeling jealousy, etc.)

  • Get In Touch With Your Inner Passions

    You will access your highest excitement in life - the passions you have been putting off - and be sprung into immediate action!!

Techniques Learned At This Retreat

  • Channeling
  • Ceremonies
  • Meditations
  • Healings
  • Movement
  • Connection
  • Writing Exercises
  • Sound Making

About Your Retreat Hosts

This retreat is co-hosted by Arzeen Kassam – founder of Peace of Mind Massage in Calgary, Alberta and by Selena Moon – Transformational Workshop/Webinar Leader and Spiritual Teacher based in Toronto, Ontario.

Selena Moon is a professional Psychosomatic Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Channel who specializes in bringing spiritual matters into practical applications. Her signature event – Illuminate Your Magic has transformed the lives of many members of the spiritual community in Toronto – and now with great passion she brings her light to Alberta – her home province – to do the same!

More about this Retreat

In the heart of the Archangel Micheal vortex at Lake Louise, a group of powerful souls will convene to create their blueprint for spiritual alignment and balance in 2017.

Each of you will be bringing in the new year with healthy thoughts and inspirations, releasing physical boundaries and blockages that are no longer relevant to your life mission, and re-connecting deeply with your higher self to generate new insights in order to prepare you to access your full brilliance and magic to shine onto 2017!

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